New Politics Leadership Academy FAQs

What is the New Politics Leadership Academy?
The New Politics Leadership Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for service veterans to engage with policy and politics. Through leadership development programs and mentorship initiatives, we create a new pipeline into politics for service members who choose politics as the next step in their personal service journey.

We believe that service members are the best problem solvers, “dreamers”, and change makers in our nation, and we need their guidance in policy making. By encouraging servant leaders to continue their service journeys by seeking careers in politics and policy, we believe we can renew the civic health of our political system and our nation.

Is this a partisan organization?
No. New Politics Leadership Academy is non-partisan. We work with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents—anyone who has already made a commitment to serve the country via a long-term, full time service experience, and views the path of politics as a way to continue that journey of service. We are looking for servant leaders:  Individuals for whom the commitment to serve comes first, and who are interested in political engagement because it enhances their capacity to serve others. 

What’s the relationship between the New Politics Leadership Academy and New Politics?
The New Politics Leadership Academy is a non-profit (501c3). Our mission is to provide non-partisan leadership development, education, and support to alumni of service programs with an interest in politics. New Politics is a political action committee (a 527). As such, New Politics is able to raise funds and provide specific kinds of support to political candidates over the course their campaign. New Politics also supports servant leaders from multiple political parties. New Politics and the Academy are partner organizations, but there are some bright lines delineating acceptable efforts for 501c3s and 527s, and we are very careful to stay within the boundaries of what is appropriate and legal for each organization to undertake. Answering the Call is a non-partisan leadership development program that is designed and managed by the New Politics Leadership Academy.    

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